The NHS England primary care website closed on the 31st of March 2019.


As from 1st of April 2019, General Practice data collections and Indicator visualisation services contained within have moved to the following new websites:


As from 1st of April the General Practice data collections which remain active and have been occurring within the primary care website will be managed by NHS Digital.


GP practices will similarly need to register to obtain a new user account with the data collection systems managed by NHS Digital, by using the following links:


The General Practice Indicators (GPI) and the GPIT Digital Maturity Index Assurance Indicators will both be moving into a new website. This website will include a new national quality improvement dashboard which will be further developed in time to include additional presentation of measures and indicators at Primary Care Network (PCN) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) levels. This will provide an ideal dual benefit opportunity for GP practices and commissioners to not only to continue to use GPI and GPIT indicators but also to be able to view and use new and emerging PCN and ICS measures when they become available within. Similarly, ICSs and PCNs will also be able to view and use General Practice Indicators.


As from 1st of April please register to obtain a new user account so you can login and access new website: We anticipate General Practice Indicators and GPIT Digital Maturity indicators being visible within as from 1st of May 2019.


If you experience any difficulties with registration or for any future support using the GPI or GPIT indicators please contact the new website enquiry support help desk by email to